Care Instructions - Food Waste Disposer Flanges and Stopper in PVD colours

  1. The special PVD finish disposer flanges and stoppers should be cleaned AFTER EVERY USE – please wipe off any food remnants and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 
  1. Avoid prolonged contact with:
  • Cleaners containing bleach, wash off within 10 minutes
  • Plughole un-blockers containing sodium hydroxide, wash or wipe off immediately
  • Corrosive foodstuffs (salt, vinegar, alcohols, fruit juices, tea, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.), wash off within 15 minutes
  • Strong acids, wash off immediately 
  1. Do not clean with heavy duty scourer pads, silver cleaners, steel wool, abrasive powders. 
  1. Non-scratch pads, soft cloths and mild cleaner liquids, such as specialist stainless steel cleaners, should be used instead. Adhere to Instructions for Use supplied with the cleaning substance. If in doubt, test on an inconspicuous area first (the underside of the stopper). 
  1. The flange should be dried regularly, ideally every evening after use. Wiping them dry with soft cloth will prevent lime-scale deposits and gradual appearance of patchy colour staining.
  1. The rubber seal on the stopper should be taken off and cleaned regularly to avoid colour staining on the stopper and elsewhere

For care instructions on Solid Brass Disposers, please see Raw and Lacquered Brass fittings