Glass Kitchen Sinks


Black glass sink OlifAlveus has been one of the pioneers in the glass kitchen sink manufacturing and has over the years gained an in-depth expertise in this field. We offer the widest choice of glass sink shapes, colours and drainer patterns in the marketplace, including the BESPOKE SERVICE, whereby you can choose any standard RAL colour or supply us with an image or design pattern of your choice and we print it on your glass sink. This is especially ideal for matching the sink to kitchen splashbacks or to any other items in your kitchen, or to simply treat yourself to a precious unique item in your kitchen that no one else has. 

The standard, off-the-shelf colours of Alveus glass sinks are black, white, red, yellow and violet. We have square, rectangular, oval and round glass sinks, all in single bowl, 1.5 bowl or double bowl configurations.

Glass sink white round 1.5 bowls OlifAlveus glass kitchen sinks distinguish themselves from the rest by their beautiful, real glass appearance. Many other brands in the marketplace offer glass sinks of either matt or even plastic appearance. Alveus, however, uses the best quality toughened glass of 10mm thickness, which gives it a typical glossy appearance and which at the same time withstands temperatures of up to 200C. The glass tempering process that the sink's drainer goes through, makes it highly impact resistant. Consequently it will not crack unless it is hit aggressively with a hard and sharp object.

Although glass as a material is generally very easy to clean, we do recommend that you take proper care of your glass sink, i.e. clean both glass drainer and stainless steel bowls regularly, and above all avoid dropping sharp and heavy objects onto the drainer. Using a stainless steel roll mat in the draining area of the sink might be a good method of preventing potential mishaps.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, please do email or telephone us. 

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