Glass Sinks Care Instructions

Alveus uses the best quality toughened glass of 8 mm thickness, which gives it a typical glossy appearance and which at the same time withstands temperatures of up to 200C. The glass tempering process that the sink's drainer goes through, makes it highly impact resistant. Consequently, it will not crack unless it is hit aggressively with a hard and sharp object. Please avoid dropping sharp and/or heavy objects onto the glass surface of the sink and in particular hitting the edges of the glass

The toughened glass is not completely scratch-resistant, so it should not be used for cutting. Any abrasive or sharp utensils or objects should not be dragged along its surface, as this may leave minor marks on the glass surface. Using a stainless steel roll mat in the draining area of the sink might be a good method of preventing potential mishaps. 

Although glass as a material is generally very easy to clean, we do recommend that you take proper care of your glass sink, i.e. clean both glass drainer and stainless steel bowls regularly. The glass should be cleaned with liquid soap and non-abrasive cloth. Don't forget to completely rinse off the soap or detergent, if your food gets into direct contact with the glass. The glass surface should be dried regularly to avoid build up of lime-stone. You should never use aggressive cleaners or abrasive cleaning sponges. If you're using a protector mat inside the bowls or on the drainer, please make sure you lift it regularly and clean the area underneath as per instructions above. ALVEUS GLASS SINKS