So you have decided to beautify your outdated kitchen, throw away, upcycle (or recycle) the old making space for the New and Improved - Finally, the kitchen of your dreams!

We often get asked how durable our Monarch sinks are, how easy they are to look after and how they wear over time. Monarch sinks are rich in colour as well as quality and yes, they do require some additional care compared to a standard stainless steel sink - but not as much as you think! 

With the help of some past customers, see examples of our products in situ from day of installation to present day which is a great indication of their durability.

Product: Variant 40 Copper, Leo Copper tap 

Installed: July 2015 (7 years)

Current condition :

Comments by customer:

'There are spots in the sink where I used a stain clothes cleaner once. And the plug has eroded (you sent me a replacement) but overall it’s got a few more years left in it!
I use a washing up bowl and no scrubbers to clean it. So the copper has stayed put. Good considering I’m in a hard water area' @maxinebradystyling


Product: Variant 40 Bronze sinks

Installed: October 2018 (4 years)

Current condition:

 Comments by customer:

'The colour is coming away around the inside of the plug and the plugs aren’t sealing as well as they were. But generally fine. The only issue really is the overflow. They’re tricky to keep clean and limescale free, but I’m managing so far!' @gingergourmand 

Product: Variant 40 Copper sink, Nivito RH 350 Copper


Current condition:


 Comments by customer:

'It still looks absolutely beautiful though! No scratches or anything! I use it as I would a standard stainless steel sink, just normal' @


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