How to restore a dirty and unkept copper stainless steel sink to near new condition


Damjana is a member of Alveus technical team, she works as Chemical Process Engineer and has been a part of Alveus team already for 25 years. 

She supervises the operation of the water treatment plant, performing tests of materials chemical resistance and ecology. Said more simply: she performs testing of different materials and their reactions to different cleaning agents and chemicals which helps us to ensure that all Alveus products are easy to clean and maintain.


Damjana had to deal with complaint from a customer saying that their Alveus Monarch copper kitchen sink could not be cleaned. 

  • There were stains and a lot of limescale and other dirt over the entire bowl of the sink.


She performed the following cleaning:

STEP 1: First she cleaned the kitchen sink with Alveus Allshine limescale cleaner which successfully removed all limescale. Some darker stains remained on the bottom of the kitchen sink.


STEP 2: After that, she cleaned the kitchen sink with Alveus Allshine polishing paste. Thus the kitchen sink was completely cleaned.


The following cleaning substances were used in the process:


You can read full Monarch sinks CARE INSTRUCTIONS here.

Generally for all types of sinks you should:

1. Wipe the kitchen sink and kitchen tap with a clean and dry cloth after each use, regardless of the type of material they are made of. Why? When the water evaporates on the surface, the limescale remains and leaves stains.

2. Avoid using aggressive chemicals - cleaning agents for drains unclogging, strong bleach, disinfectants etc. that contain sodium hypochlorite and/or bleach. Why? These chemicals can cause damage to the surface of all kitchen sinks. You should also avoid using coarse abrasive cleaning agents that leave scratches on the surface.


Images and text by Alveus

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