P-001 - Dental Suction System, extra-oral with portable Corian tray

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Dental aerosol suction system, comprising of Corian Suction Tray (CST) connected via expandable hose to a Vacuum Unit.   

The system provides effective removal of most aerosol particles that become air-borne during dental procedure, including viruses and bacteria, thereby greatly reducing the risk of infection for dentists, their staff and patients.

The Corian Suction Tray (CST) is the most important component of the suction system. CST lies on the patient’s chest and is therefore in closer proximity to the source of aerosol. 

Both Corian Suction Tray and Vacuum Unit are made of Corian material, which is known for its high hygienic properties and therefore easy to clean and disinfect.


  • Close proximity to the patient and large surface area of the tray removes more air-borne particles
  • Easy manipulation
  • Made of durable and hygienic Corian material 
  • Can be located inside or outside the operating room
  • Three HEPA filters remove 99.97% of harmful particles
  • Powerful and durable suction motor, with sound insulation
  • Designed and tested by a professional dentist who understands the user needs from first hand experience
  • Developed and manufactured in Europe, Slovenia
  • Local UK support provided by Olif Ltd
  • Warranty 24 months motor, 5 years CS tray, cabinet and hose.

The price includes VAT at 20 per cent. Current lead time is late December / early January. Extra CS Trays and replacement HEPA filters available. Additional CS Tray available at £490.00. 

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