Olif FC-10 Undersink Filter Kit (via-Chiller-to-Mixer-Tap)

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The kit comprises of FC-10 Filter Cartridge and all necessary fittings to connect it to cold water mains at one end and to variety of kitchen mixer taps via chiller unit at the other end, offering convenience and saving time to plumbers/fitters or DIY installers.

The fittings include the filter head and bracket, the 1/2" and 3/8" flexi leads adaptors and end cap, chiller connectors, tubing and mains isolator valves. The twist lock head allows for easy replacement of cartridges.

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The FC-10 filter cartridge blocks limescale, chlorine and other impurities in tap water, greatly improving its taste and odour. The cartridge contains bespoke Granular Activated Carbon for very effective scale reduction. It has been designed for use with commercial food service equipment and offers superior capacity and service flow rates compared to standard filters in the market.  

Made and designed in the USA. Compliant with FDA, ANSI and NSF standards.

Spare cartridges and filter specifications

NOTE: The filter kit and chiller unit can be connected to either your main kitchen tap, in which case all your cold water will be chilled and filtered, or you can connect it to a separate mixer tap of your choice which will provide chilled filtered water only (with the hot water flexi tail capped off). The chiller unit will reduce the flow of cold water from your tap, depending on water pressure in your area, so it we recommend to use it as with a dedicated side tap rather then the main tap.

If you are looking for a filtered water at room temperature, we offer filter kit that connect with most of our mixer taps.  

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