Sit-on Kitchen Sinks

CLASSIC Sit-on Sinks - for worktop width of 60 cm COMPACT Sit-on sinks - for worktop width of 50 cm
NEW Classic PREMIUM Sit-on Sinks - for worktop width of 60 cm


Design Features of Sit-on sinks    


  • All Alveus sit-on sinks are made of premium 18/10 stainless steel material, in either standard/ traditional Satin surface finish or some models also in Leinen surface finish.
  • The Premium range of Classics has their drainer fully supported by timber panel along its entire length, whereas all other Alveus sit-on sinks come with reinforced by timber frame on all four sides.
  • The sinks can be installed alongside the standard worktops of 30mm thickness.
  • There are no pre-drilled tap holes, these can be normally cut as per individual requirements by installer/plumber with special cutter (please contact us if you're looking for one)
  • Whilst the Classic Premium sinks come with basket strainer wastes, all other sit on sinks include traditional plug holes.
  • The floor of the sink bowls is not over-sloped, it has just enough incline for the water to drain out.
  • The sinks are laid on top of the kitchen units and therefore function also as worktops. They can be installed as illustrated in the drawing below.