Project References

Swains Lane 

Developers: MEAD Construction 
Architects: Academy Kitchens
Products: Quadrix 50 Gold, Quadrix 30 Gold
Project type and size: Residential, 10 Flats
Year and Location: 2018-2019, North London


Developers: Quintain Wembley Park, McLaren Construction Architects: Porcelanosa Products: Alto Rustic Copper
Project type and size: Wembley,150 Apartments 
Year and Location: 2019, North West London

Private Home


Developers: -
Architects: Wall Morris Designs, Newtown Woodworks
Products: Quadrix 60 Anthracite, Quadrix 30 Anthracite, Nivito RH 120 Matte Black taps
Project type and size: Residential, clients home      Year and Location: 2019, Kildcare, Ireland





St James Square


Developers: Ocubis Ltd
Architects: Georgie Goldsmith
Products: Variant 40 Bronze, Quadrix 30 Anthracite, Cascata Satin Bronze
Project type and size: Commercial, Office, 3 kitchens Year and Location: 2018, Central London