Care Instructions - Special Finish Taps & Fixtures

  1. The product should be cleaned and dried regularly, ideally every evening after use, with damp soft cloth (containing water only, no special chemicals or washing up liquid), then wiped dry thoroughly with soft cloth. Failure to do so may result in lime-scale deposits and gradual appearance of patchy colour staining 
  2. Do not clean with abrasive materials, such as heavy duty scourer pads, silver cleaners, steel wool or abrasive powders, only soft cloths should be used
  3. Never use any chemical substances for cleaning the product,
  4. Only water and soft cloths must be used for cleaning
  5. Any accidental spillages of corrosive or acidic foodstuffs and other substances should be rinsed off immediately
  6. If you live in excessively hard water area, we recommend that you check the tip of the spout (aerator) regularly making sure that you clean off any lime-scale residue before it spreads onto the spout

Please refer also to the Manufacturers Warranty conditions supplied with the product and available at (section referring to Schedule 4 Products).