Care Instructions - Quadron GraniteQ sinks

GraniteQ sinks are infused with special nano substance at the final stage of production. Benefits:
- increased resistance to discoloration and deposits
- easier removal of dirt and stains, whilst allowing the materials to breathe.
The coating last for up to 24 months and is resistant to commonly known cleaning agents. Sinks can be resprayed after that period using GraniteQ Nano Infusion Liquid 


Quadron GraniteQ sinks should be cleaned daily:
  • wash the surface of the sink with clean water¬†and mild cleaning agents that do not scratch the surface¬†(washing up liquid is fine), use a soft sponge or cloth
  • wipe the sink dry after washing
To maintain the long term appearance of your GraniteQ sink, and this is especially important if you live in hard water area, we recommend that you use Quadron Nano Cleaning Liquid (supplied with your sink): 
  • Spray the liquid on dirty sink surface
  • Wipe with a clean cloth or sponge
  • For heavily soiled surfaces wait a minute after applying
  • Do not let it dry out, rinse after cleaning


  • for cleaning, do not use any sharp objects or abrasive materials that will scratch or damage the surface
  • do not use aggressive or abrasive agents containing acids, solvents, chlorine, alcohol
  • avoid contact of the surface of the sink with all kinds of varnishes, nail polish removers, solvents
  • to avoid staining, corrosive foodstuffs (salt, vinegar, fruit juice, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.) should not be left on the sink for any longer periods of time.
  • do not throw cutlery or other hard and heavy objects into the sink
  • do not scratch the surface of the sink sharp objects
  • periodically clean drains and siphons with generally available products for this purpose.

It is essential that the above cleaning and user instructions are strictly adhered to so that the product guarantee is not invalidated.