Care Instructions - Quadron stainless steel sinks

  1. Wash the surface of the sink with clean water with the addition of mild cleaning agents that do not scratch the surface
  2. Use a soft sponge or cloth
  3. Wipe the sink dry after washing
  4. Do not clean with any sharp objects or abrasive materials that will scratch or damage the Surface
  5. Avoid prolonged contact with:
    - Cleaners containing bleach, wash off within 10 minutes (PVD sinks only)
    - Plughole un-blockers containing sodium hydroxide, wash off
    within 15 minutes (PVD sinks only)
    - Corrosive foodstuffs (salt, vinegar, alcohols, fruit juices, tea,
    mustard, mayonnaise, etc.), wash off within 15 minutes (PVD sinks only)
    - Strong acids, wash off immediately
  6. Do not use aggressive or abrasive agents containing acids, solvents, chlorine, alcohol (PVD sinks only)
  7. Avoid contact of the surface of the sink with all kinds of varnishes, nail polish removers, solvents
  8. Do not throw cutlery or other hard and heavy objects into the sink
  9. Do not scratch the surface of the sink sharp object
  10. Utensils or tools made of carbon steel without protective surface should not be left in the sink as they may deposit iron particles, which develop into rust stains over time
  11. Periodically clean drains and siphons with generally available products for this purpose.


It is essential that the above cleaning and user instructions are strictly adhered to so that the product guarantee is not invalidated.