Have you thrown out your 'new year- new me' resolutions? How about re-vamping your kitchen instead? That way, it will feel fresh and new every time you walk into it.  Something you'll be proud of all year long!

It honestly feels like there’s approximately 25 minutes of daylight at the moment. Everyone seems to have fallen into the same pit of hibernation. Burrowing down into a warm cosy blanket on the sofa, a hot tea in hand to sooth those frozen icicles we call fingers and most important of all – a big fat binge watch on Netflix.

I don’t know about you, but with this big chill we have going on, all the important exciting, healthy, active resolutions I so confidently said I was going to stick to seem to have been thrown out the window, locked and battened down. I am sure that I am not to let any cold air or whisper of regret in!

It’s our first blog here at Olif and I wanted to kick-start the post on “re-resolutions.” A slightly different take on a resolution – it’s simply a change to make in your Kitchen. Super easy and most importantly–one that will make you feel gratified and delighted to wake up to and to come home to every single day. Here are a few ideas into how to achieve your ideal kitchen; I hope that you will take inspiration from it…


Deep Clean & Declutter

OK, so I admit, I maybe going back on myself here a bit BUT having a deep clean throughout your kitchen will kick-start your mind into what best possible outcome/design you want to achieve. Just cleaning out all the rubbish, sorting through that spice drawer and organising your fridge will allow you to feel fresh and engaged, ready to challenge the next step.


Pinterest is your friend

Time to take inspiration from your interior magazines or Pinterest. Feel free to look at small DIY projects – that may get your creative juices flowing. Just be sure not to get bogged down into completely changing out your kitchen for a super hi-tech wonderland in your cottage. Try focusing on colours schemes and trends. Have a look at our Pinterest page to get you on your way!



Focusing on your walls may not seem like the obvious thing in the kitchen. However, having that refresh will enliven the space. If you do have a colour scheme – try a pastel colour. Or if you have some space – why not even incorporate a feature wall with some quirky wallpaper!


Give life to your cabinets

Cabinets are what take up most of the space in the kitchen –give them a big focus! I think that we get too bogged down on choosing tiling and kitchenware whereas the cabinets can easily steal the show with minimal effort. Painting them is an easy DIY keeping costs to a minimum. Going a bit further and changing the handles to more in keeping with your style makes it even more exciting. 

Our client, Jeyda's cabinets are striking with these brass handles by Buster & Punch. Multiwood also do a fabulous range like these understated but very cool black nickel knobs. 



Upgrade your metal

Whatever you do to your kitchen, remember to upgrade your metals. Trust me, you’ll thank me later! Chrome taps look classic and stylish, but so does brass. Pairing your taps with your new kitchen cabinet handles will look like a well thought out space. If you have an old sink, upgrade it. Here at Olif, we have an array of fantastic sinks that will match your taps. This ensures a stunning statement for your kitchen! Have a look at our beautiful new Monarch Sink&Tap pack range.


Work on your worktops

Worktops can easily be replaced. Be sure to do your homework and research for good carpenters. If your worktops are wooden, simply sand them down and finish them off with a gloss or a dark stain of your choice. Laminate worktops can also provide a plethora of finishes to suit your theme. We absolutely adore these stunning finishes by Watson and Gabb, they create specialist finishes for worktops to furniture; dreamy enough to make your guests drool with envy!



And finally, accessories accessories accessories

Okay, so you’ve changed up the walls, got a brand spanking new sink, transformed up the cabinets too… now the fun bit - accessorising your kitchen! I am loving all things handmade and hand painted at the moment – have a look at these fun, fresh salad plates from West Elm – a great contrast against a farmhouse kitchen!


If you’ve gone for metallic touches – such as the taps and cabinet handles. Be sure to keep that running throughout the kitchen. Copper still seems to be a gorgeous trend dominating our kitchens. Try and picture accessories like this copper kettle and toaster set by Delonghi -matching with your sink accessories from Olif!



We would love to hear some of your own interior ideas, let us know what inspires you in the comment box below!


 Please note that the above information has been collated from a number of sources online with exception of the Alveus products which we sell in our web shop.


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Jun 13, 2019

Hi I’ve just bought one of your Alveus taps and am thinking about buying one of their sinks, but just wondered if you do the bronze drainer above
Love your ideas, have just bought a four hundred old house in Malta and wanting to mix old and modern,
Thanks a lot Nannette

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