I'm an outdoor girl through and through - any excuse to have an adventure and I'm there. Needless to say I may have my opinions about the rain! One of the positive outcomes is that I do love the way it brings vivacity to a simple garden. Any excuse and I'm out there - It’s therapeutic; and a very appreciated change from the computer screen from time to time.

If I could somehow bring all that thriving atmosphere indoors, I would! However, I step far away from the term ‚Äúgreen- fingered‚ÄĚ as possible. I do occasionally try and nurture houseplants but, well, let‚Äôs just say it just doesn't quite work out.¬†Fortunately for me (and the plants) there is an abundance of different ways to inject a bit (or a lot) of green into the house. After all, it‚Äôs fashionable to be ‚Äėgreen‚Äô:

The summer brought brightness and vivacity to the green pallet seen straight off the catwalk. If you want to inject life to any room; be bold. Choose vivid greens- keeping the your canvas monotone, pick one item in your chosen colour that you want constantly in focus (this could be you living room couch or even simply wallpaper). Complement it by choosing the same accent colours in your accessories- this creates regularity through out your room.

                  Photo: domino                                                           photo: houseandgarden


Alternatively - If you merely want a slight update to your room- there are an abundance of ways to do so. Simply using pillows and drapes and pictures will enhance any room. We're loving the palm trend at Olif in particular. 

Photo: etsy                         Photo: remodelista                         Photo: decorpad

As we've transitioned into the winter however, so has this popular colour. Teaming the summer shades of green with cooler blue tones emit shades such as jade, aquamarine and pine green (it‚Äôs Christmas soon after all!) ‚Äď these in turn would give your desired room an instant update. The deeper colours contrasted against metallics or even tones of whites such as ivory exude a very sophisticated look. We absolutely love the way interior designer Juliette Bryne's Fullham Townhouse¬†has incorporated this style and are very influenced by her!

Photo: houzz

 If you are one of those envious green-fingered types, plants used as adornment is one of the simplest ways to make a space feel more lived-in and homely. Using decorative tools and a bit of imagination; one can create an indoor garden, no matter what urban jungle you reside in!

Photo: my warehouse home

Photo: tidbitsandtwine

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