How to protect a stainless steel sink from scratches and marks

Stainless steel remains the most common material used in kitchen sinks, the main reasons being its durability and practicality - it has an excellent resistance to impacts as well as to temperature shock, it is a hard-wearing material that is relatively easy to clean and maintain, even the acidic and aggressive foodstuffs can be cleaned off if not left for too long. Stainless steel will not rust unless it is contaminated by iron particles from for instance, wet carbon steel utensils left in the sink.

Stainless steel resistance to scratches is however limited. If hit by a sharp object like a carving knife, this will leave a mark that may be noticeable (so it is probably best to practice your martial arts in another room just in case..) 

There is a good choice of product solutions aimed at protecting the sink against accidental cosmetic damage. They vary in materials, price and aesthetic appeal.  


1. Pre-Brushed Retro Vintage sinks

The surface of the sinks is finely brushed in production to create the ageing retro look and make the sink virtually scratch-proof. See our selection of Artinox Matte Vintage sinks here.


2. PVC Sink Mats and Liners

Simple cut-to-size sink liner by Lakeland in clear or smoke finish, prevents slips and scratches and provides a soft cushion for delicate items.  

Sink mat by Dunelm, an inexpensive alternative in clear PVC and easily cleaned with warm soapy water.




3. Sink Grids

A brilliant multi-use accessory to consider for your kitchen. Find out how to pick the right grid for your sink by reading's feature that is full of useful tips and advice.


4. Roller mats

Roller mats can be positioned on the worktop next to the sink or over the sink for draining purposes like this one from John Lewis which cleverly doubles up as a handy stand for hot pots and pans.


5.  Foldmat Protectors 

Can be positioned at the bottom of the sink to protect from scratches or marks and provide a draining area option for your flat surface worktop. 


Available with special finish Monarch Mix and Match range of Alveus sinks, they come in Gold, Copper and Anthracite finish and have double function. In addition to protecting the sink surface, they also serve as a decorative feature, especially striking when they are in our Mix and Match set up.


Please see our previous 'How to' blog post for more ideas on drying and draining dishes on a flat surface kitchen worktop.  

We hope you find our post useful, your own experience as well as ideas and opinions would be warmly welcomed in the comments box below.






 Please note that the above information has been collated from a number of sources online with exception of the Artinox, Quadron and Alveus product which we sell in our web shop. 


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