How to choose the right sink to suit your kitchen cabinet width

When planning your kitchen design, it is important to bear in mind how the sink of your choice will fit into available cabinet space. Most kitchen sink manufacturers specify the minimum cabinet width for each of their product, please check with us if you are unsure.   

It is also important to always consult with your fitter before you commit to final purchase, to show them the sink dimensions and installation instructions (available from our website or by email). They will need to confirm they are able to fit the product of your choice.

The factors that will affect the available space include not just the width of the sink and its bowl, but also the method of installation, the wall thickness of your cabinet (for instance a 60cm cabinet normally includes at least 10mm thick walls on each side), the depth of the sink, the type of plumbing kit, other appliances/accessories used in the area under the sink.



The traditional installation is the so called inset method, whereby the sink is positioned on top of the worktop and has curved edges to prevent water spilling over from its drainer.  

With the advent of dishwashers, we tend to do less and less hand-washing, so new ways of installing sinks developed - under-mounting, flat-mounting or flush-mounting. Each of these methods uses variety of fixing clips, which require a certain amount of space around the sink, thereby affecting the necessary width of the cabinet. Composite sinks can also be top-mounted or under-mounted, which requires dedicated composite clips











The sink's drainer can be positioned above the adjoining cabinet, i.e. across the cabinet wall as shown above and below. It is sometimes possible to fit a washing machine or dishwasher underneath the drainer. 

The depth of the sink needs to be taken into account if installing a food disposer unit, boiling water boiler or filter cartridge under the sink. 




300MM - Alveus Monarch Kombino 10 Bronze 

Half bowl sinks like the Kombino 10 Bronze here, are perfect bar areas as well as small kitchen islands.








400mm - Wave UP 10 glass sink colour.

This glass sink comes with a magnetic basket and practical push pop up system making is practical. It is available in your choice of RAL colour.





450mm - Atrox 20














600mmStricto 20







800mm - Alveus Quadrix 60 Copper

Quadrix sinks are great as they give you the option to install them under-mounted as well as being slim and flush-mountable too, making them very versatile.

If under-mounting this sink, you need to allow a minimum of 40mm each side of the bowl to allow for the fixing clips. This is a good example of how a different installation method can require a particular amount of space around the sink, affecting the overall required width for the cabinet. From the cabinet drawings below you can see that the cabinet size you require for under-mounting is 900mm whereas for top-mounting, you require 800mm.

 Flat / Top-mount:    






900mmAlveus Atrox 50

The Atrox series offers brand new, highly functioning sinks in three different sizes  with three working layers. A great choice of accessories are available to make cooking easy, fun and practical!









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