We have exciting news…
We’re re-vamping our news blog into a design blog, split into 5 main themes allowing us give you range of various phenomena popular the design industry!
Keep checking back every Thursday to see what’s new. With focus on one of the titles every week, there will be an array of updates to ignite that design streak in you!



This post will give you the insight into the latest trends in the design world: from how and what to look for when styling your new kitchen to injecting colour pallets into your living room straight of the catwalk.

Photo: decorfox


Here, I’ll update you on anything and everything that’s trending – our first post is up this Thursday so check back then!




Ever wonder about the detail in which a product is invented? It’s origins and foundations? Or just simply how it is created?

Photo: Olif Design

In this feature I will explore reason of why certain materials enjoy a greater level of success in a design scheme than others. Why some are more indulgent and why we attempt to justify them as a necessity. I’ll explore origins and fabrication techniques used to manipulate raw elements into objects of attraction!




Here’s where the design gets into detail! I’ll guide you into the working world of the renovation industry. With features like how to design your ideal room to various techniques to get the most out for your project –this blog will get you designing, drawing and even D.I.Y-ing!

Spacial planning with a small kitchen

Photo: cote maison 

Not only will I show you how to figure out a theme for your room, but also get in to the nitty gritty of all things strategy. I’ll even delve into the techniques architects use to get that all important planning permission.




Let’s face it, quality is what makes a brand work and what draws us back, wanting more. I’ll give you an update every month into the new product and design features.


Photo: red dot

This includes latest design awards, hype and must haves that ensure the newest kid - or product on the block is ready to take the world by storm! All in all, you’ll be frequently reading back every month to see what’s popular around the globe.




A look into a designer’s process, their ideal outcome and how they execute a project from start to finish. Details of their life achievements and stories of their motivations and intentions to influence us.

Photo: dezeen

The extent of this blog will be endless, varying from greatest designers such as Phillipe Stark to local manufactures in England. Not only will I explore their inspirations and qualities but also how successful (or not so in some cases) they have become as a result.

I can’t wait to get started, check back this Thursday for our first Blog-  THE EDIT: Bringing home the green.